About the Indiana Conference

Why We Exist

Local churches face growing challenges—but also incredible missional opportunities. As a Conference, our goal is to support all types of leaders with the resources they need to make disciples and transform their communities.

In a world that increasingly questions if the local church still matters, we are focused on unifying our people, energizing our mission, and building vibrant congregations.

Our Mission

To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world by equipping local churches for ministry and by providing a connection for ministry beyond the local church, all to the glory of God.

What We Do


Facilitate connections to understand unique local missions, challenges, and opportunities across the state.


Develop congregations by providing tools and resources to help them serve their communities well.


Deploy leaders by organizing training and support for their efforts to reach people—both in and outside the Church walls.

Our Values

As believers, we are called to become more like Christ—fully aware that we will fall short. Our values are driven by our vision of energized discipleship and transformed communities. We believe it is God who will help us live these out.


From inward-focused to outward-focused ministry


From being preference-driven to being purpose-centered



From ‘membership for survival’ to ‘vibrant, spiritual expressions’


From ‘differences that divide’ to ‘faith that bonds’

Our Wildly Important Goal (WIG)

100% of our churches will be engaged in missional transformation by 2024.

Missional transformation includes:

Community engagement

Discipleship development


Leading people and communities to live as those sent by Jesus

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