A Place For You 


You are welcome in the Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church.

Church is comprised of ordinary human beings. For that reason, church can wound us and hurt us. But church can also be a place of hope, healing and grace. If you have been wounded by the church and are seeking a place of healing, peace and compassion, we’re here to help you identify and connect with a church that matches your needs and passions. The Lighthouse Churches on the interactive map below have received training and made a commitment to welcome and care for those wounded by religion. There is A Place for You in the United Methodist Churches of Indiana!

Is your Church Interested in becoming a Lighthouse congregation? Contact Tracey Leslie to learn more.

Looking for a Lighthouse?

Lighthouse Congregations are United Methodist Churches that have received training and made a commitment to provide spiritual care and support for those whose churches have closed or disaffiliated. This is a current list of approved Lighthouse Congregations; click each church’s name to read their bio.

Learn More About Training

About Training

Interested in being better equipped to provide hospitality, hope and healing for those wounded by the church? Check out the training resources below. All trainings are offered via Zoom roughly twice per year. See the block to the right for the schedule and registration link for upcoming trainings. Trainings may also take place in-person. To schedule an in-person training, contact tracey.leslie@inumc.org.

 Upcoming Trainings

July 25: Lighthouse Congregation Training – Click here to register

August 26: A Place For Everyone – Click here to register

September 22: Getting to Know You – Click here to register