Communications Team

Serena Acker
Serena AckerCommunications Officer
Serena was born, raised, baptized, and dedicated her life to Christ at Richvalley United Methodist Church. She holds degrees from Taylor University and Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction. A gifted writer and speaker, Serena leads the Communications Team in their public relations and marketing efforts.

Serena is married to Jonathan, and they are active members of Common Ground Northeast, where she currently serves as an Elder. In her free time, Serena enjoys working out and ministering to prostitutes on the street.

Leintz Belony
Leintz BelonyContent Specialist
Leintz serves the United Methodist Churches of Indiana in the aspect of Content Specialist for the Communications Team, with a specialization in news and digital media. Leintz enjoys partnering with his team, Conference staff, and servant leaders around Indiana to discern and present new and creative ways to share the word of God, and capture stories that highlight and celebrate the many ways God’s glory is manifesting in our midst. Leintz has a passion for mentoring the youth, serving his faith community as a deacon and teacher, and helping small businesses compete in a changing world by leveraging an online platform. When he is not working, Leintz enjoys spending time with friends and loved ones, exploring the outdoors, seeing the latest blockbusters, trying new foods, or traveling to a city nearby.
Katie Swisher
Katie SwisherCommunications Specialist - District Services
Katie has worked with the Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church since 2007. She began with the Indianapolis East District in the former South Indiana Conference, then with the West District, and now as the Communications Specialist for District Services. Katie is from Indianapolis and was raised in a loud, loving, musical family. She loves photography, cooking, music, and reading, and always enjoys getting together with friends. Katie is married to Matt, an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church. She serves on the leadership team for Thrive, the INUMC clergy spouse and family ministry. Katie and Matt have two delicious, blonde, miracle children named Hannah and Henry. The Swisher family enjoys spending time outside, baseball, taking walks, swimming, and watching hours upon hours of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Paw Patrol.