Stuelpe-Gibbs, Jenifer (Jen)

Date of Move: 6/1/2023 From: Extension Minister, Lawrence Township Schools Foundation District: To: Associate Pastor, Indianapolis St. Luke’s UMC District: Central

Ingle, Dennis

Date of Move: 9/29/2022 From: District: To: Congregational Care, Ogilville UMC; Congregational Care, Rockford UMC District: Southeast

Muhlbaier, Kathryn

Date of Move: 9/1/2022 From: Senior Pastor, Yorktown UMC District: East To: District:

Cassiday, Benjamin

Date of Move: 7/1/2022 From: Senior Pastor, Otterbein UMC District: Northwest To: Consulting Pastor,  Oxford UMC District: Northwest

Beifuss, Donna

Date of Move: 9/15/2022 From:   Retirement District: To: Senior Pastor, Whiting UMC District: North