Long after the media focus on disaster fades, survivors are still dealing with the aftermath. We now know that willing hands and haulers are still needed following the tornado that touched down near Ellettsville, Indiana on June 15. The county is not removing debris moved to roadsides by residents. Perhaps your church can pull together a small team to help move the debris and prepare it for coordinated loading. Or perhaps you know of a tree-moving service and/or hauler who will donate or offer services at a reasonable cost. Assistance is specifically needed in Monroe and Martin Counties, and especially near Ellettsville.
Early Response Team training is not required for this mission opportunity.

Through our United Methodist Connection, we can bring relief to our neighbors in need. If you can connect your Rev. Cindy Garver, Conference Disaster Coordinator with volunteer teams, low-cost tree/hauling services, or other local resources, please send her an email at cynthia.garver@inumc.org.