The Candidacy Retreat

Candidacy Retreat

The Candidacy Retreat is a great first step for anyone considering going into ministry. Nonetheless, in order to be able to attend the retreat, you must complete the items listed below:

1. Talk to your home church pastor (or another elder or deacon) about your call.

This book is a great resource as well: The Christian as Minister, by Meg Lassiat.

2. Contact your Conference Superintendent or your District Committee on Ministry (dCOM) Chairperson.

  • You will meet with your Conference Superintendent and your dCOM to discuss your call to ministry.
  • You will be asked to fill out and submit two forms (BC2 & 114) to the Administrator of Ministerial Services, so that a background check can be ordered for you. The next steps will be contingent upon receipt of a clear background check.
  • Once a report of a clear background check is received, and your process is approved by your Conference Superintendent, a profile will be created for you in eBridge and you will be provided access to it by Luska Natali, Administrator of Ministerial Services.

3. Meet with your Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) or equivalent.

You will be asked to complete form 104a and form 104b, which you will need to import into eBridge.

4. Prepare for the retreat.

  • The Administrator of Ministerial Services will upload the Candidacy Checklist into your eBridge profile. You will use that checklist as a guide to the process and timeline of documentation submission.
  • Pay close attention to deadlines. You will have several documents to submit and it is best to work ahead so you do not run into a delay that may affect your meeting with your dCOM.
  • The deadlines for the retreat registration fee payment and documentation submission are December 1 for the January retreat, and June 1 for the July retreat. No exceptions will be made.

5. Attend the retreat (yay!)

  • The 2024 retreat dates are January 5 & 6 and July 12 & 13.
  • Make sure to take a laptop with you. You will need it to take your psychological assessment.
  • Dress code is casual.

6. Certification Process

  • Meet regularly with your Candidacy Mentoring Group.
  • Prepare for certification interview.
  • Meet with your Minister Assessment Specialist (MAS), who will be assigned to you by the Administrator of Ministerial Services.
  • Submit the post-retreat and post-interview documents.
  • Meet with dCOM for certification interview.