Missions & Justice

Areas of Focus

Disaster Response, Grants, Justice, Special Sundays, UMVIM, Global Ministries, Christian Unity

Disaster Response

Prepare, respond, and recover from disasters in Indiana and beyond. In connection with UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief), we offer training and tools to equip you and your church to be a source of hope in the midst of disaster. Learn more about connecting neighbors, disaster response efforts, giving, and serving.


We offer grants that can make a difference for individuals and people groups that are often underserved. Applications, deadlines, grant reports, previous recipients, and further details are provided here.


United Methodists are known for standing for social justice. We connect with the General Board of Church and Society to provide resources, opportunities to learn and serve, and calls to action.

Special Sundays

Every year, a number of Sundays are designated as opportunities for recognizing and supporting particular ministries. When you and your church give, you enable vital ministries that change the world. Generosity provides refuge in disaster, promotes peace and justice, empowers self-sufficiency, and shares Christ’s love with people everywhere.

UMVIM (United Methodist Volunteers in Mission)

Offer your skills and talents for Christian service at home and around the world. We provide guidance, organization, and training to those who go on mission trips, minister to the poor, engage in construction projects, participate in community health programs, lead Vacation Bible School, and much more. Project lists, locations, and medical insurance are also available.

Global Ministries

To connect the Church in mission, we partner with the General Board of Global Ministries, the worldwide mission, relief, and development agency of The UMC. We work with partners and churches in other countries to equip and transform people and places for God’s mission. Learn more about missionaries, global health, and humanitarian relief and recovery.

Christian unity

The United Methodist Church is part of the Church universal and remains firmly connected to other Christian denominations. We believe that Christian Unity is vital to the future of the Church and honors the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

Ministry Partners

A variety of 501(c)(3)s around the state and throughout the world partner with Indiana UM congregations. We connect these ministries so they can share resources and build relationships. We hope you will offer them your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. We all work together as the body of Christ to make disciples for the transformation of the world.



TitleMinistry CategoryResource Typehf:tax:resource_types
2023 Storms Update, Southeast JurisdictionMissions & JusticeSpecial Initiativesspecial-initiatives
A Call to Prayer and Action in Response to Gun ViolenceMissions & JusticeSpecial Initiativesspecial-initiatives
Accident/Medical Insurance and RegistrationMissions & JusticeTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
All Tricks, No Treats: Tips for Making Halloween Fun for EverybodyDiversity & Anti-Racism, Missions & JusticeTools and Formstools-and-forms
Application for Peace with Justice GrantMissions & JusticeGrantsgrants
Being Peace to Make Peace: How one ministry is equipping youth to challenge violenceMissions & JusticeSpecial Initiativesspecial-initiatives
Bishop’s Christmas OfferingMissions & JusticeGrants, Special Initiativesgrants special-initiatives
CONNECTING NEIGHBORSMissions & JusticeSpecial Initiatives, Tools & Assessmentsspecial-initiatives tools-assessments
Content for Christian Unity PresenceDiversity & Anti-Racism, Missions & Justice
COSROWDiversity & Anti-Racism, Missions & JusticeGrants, Special Initiativesgrants special-initiatives
Covenant-Liturgy ServiceMissions & JusticeTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Creating Safe Sensory Spaces in Your ChurchDiversity & Anti-Racism, Missions & JusticeTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Disaster Response: For Kids By KidsMissions & JusticeSpecial Initiatives, Tools & Assessmentsspecial-initiatives tools-assessments
ERT Training DescriptionMissions & JusticeCertifications & Formal Education, Special Initiativescertifications-formal-education special-initiatives
GBCS Home WebsiteMissions & JusticeSpecial Initiatives, Tools & Assessmentsspecial-initiatives tools-assessments
General Commission on the Status and Role of WomenDiversity & Anti-Racism, Missions & JusticeSpecial Initiativesspecial-initiatives
Grant Recipient ReportMissions & JusticeGrantsgrants
How do I Start a Covenant RelationshipMissions & JusticeTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
How United Methodist Help in DisastersMissions & JusticeSpecial Initiatives, Tools & Assessmentsspecial-initiatives tools-assessments
Indiana University Health GrantDiversity & Anti-Racism, Missions & JusticeGrantsgrants
INUMC Urban Ministry Comprehensive PlanMissions & JusticeGrantsgrants
Love Your Neighbor ToolkitMissions & JusticeCertifications & Formal Education, Tools & Assessmentscertifications-formal-education tools-assessments
Making Sensory Items for Your ChurchDiversity & Anti-Racism, Missions & JusticeTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Milford Methodist Meeting HouseMissions & JusticeWebinars & Educational Videoswebinars-educational-videos
Ministry With the Poor Matching GrantsMissions & JusticeWebinars & Educational Videoswebinars-educational-videos
Missionary Service: Covenant Partner Relationship FormMissions & JusticeTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
News from North CentralMissions & Justice
Northwest District and Purdue Wesley Foundation Zimbabwe TripMissions & Justice
Opportunities to ServeMissions & JusticeTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Our Social PrinciplesMissions & JusticeTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Phases of a Disaster and UMCOR Typical ResponsesMissions & JusticeSpecial Initiatives, Tools & Assessmentsspecial-initiatives tools-assessments
Prayers and Other Worship Resources for DisastersMissions & JusticeSpecial Initiatives, Tools & Assessmentsspecial-initiatives tools-assessments
Prison & Jail and Reform Committee’s October 24 Learning Lunch with Maranda WilliamsDiversity & Anti-Racism, Missions & JusticeWebinars & Educational Videoswebinars-educational-videos
Reproductive Health and AbortionMissions & Justice
Social Determinants of Health Info SheetDiversity & Anti-Racism, Missions & JusticeGrantsgrants
Social Principles and JusticeMissions & JusticeTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Special Sunday – Friends Explainer VideoMissions & JusticeSpecial Initiatives, Webinars & Educational Videosspecial-initiatives webinars-educational-videos
State House March 8 2023 PhotosMissions & Justice
Summary Report of the Work of Global Ministries and UMCORMissions & JusticeTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Support for UkraineMissions & JusticeSpecial Initiativesspecial-initiatives
The Mission We Share (video)Missions & JusticeWebinars & Educational Videoswebinars-educational-videos
Trauma Resources for Ministry with Children and FamiliesMissions & JusticeSpecial Initiatives, Tools & Assessmentsspecial-initiatives tools-assessments
UMC Abundant HealthMissions & JusticeWebinars & Educational Videoswebinars-educational-videos
UMCGIVINGMissions & JusticeSpecial Initiatives, Tools & Assessmentsspecial-initiatives tools-assessments
UMCOR – Where Most NeededMissions & JusticeSpecial Initiativesspecial-initiatives
UMCOR INTERNATIONAL DISASTER RESPONSE AND RECOVERYMissions & JusticeSpecial Initiativesspecial-initiatives
UMCOR INTERNATIONAL LATEST RESPONSESMissions & JusticeSpecial Initiativesspecial-initiatives
UMCOR Kit Drop Off LocationMissions & JusticeSpecial Initiativesspecial-initiatives
UMCOR U.S. LATEST RESPONSESMissions & JusticeSpecial Initiativesspecial-initiatives
UMCOR: Cleaning KitMissions & JusticeSpecial Initiativesspecial-initiatives
UMCOR: Feminine Hygiene KitMissions & JusticeSpecial Initiativesspecial-initiatives
UMCOR: Hygiene KitMissions & JusticeSpecial Initiativesspecial-initiatives
UMVIM Team RegistrationMissions & JusticeTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
UMVIM Team ReportMissions & JusticeTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Understanding Sensory Processing DifferencesDiversity & Anti-Racism, Missions & JusticeTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
United Methodist Church JusticeMissions & Justice
Urban Transitional Community Matching Grant ApplicationMissions & JusticeGrantsgrants
Valuing Life, Part 5: Feeling Alive – Mental HealthMissions & JusticeTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
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About Missions & Justice

We believe God wants to institutionalize a culture of inclusion, diversity, equity, and anti-racism within the congregations and institutions of the United Methodist Churches of Indiana. These values guide our work as we connect local churches and individuals with resources that raise awareness, awaken moral conviction, and inspire missional action and institutional change for the transformation of the world.

Our Goals


Facilitate connections for awareness of missions and areas of justice in Indiana and beyond.


Develop congregations by providing tools and resources to help them serve their communities well.


Deploy leaders by organizing training and support for their efforts to do ministry with others — both in and outside the church walls.


Ministry Team Members

United Methodist Churches of Indiana logo

Rev. Jen Huff

Missions Coordinator


(317) 564-3245

United Methodist Churches of Indiana logo

LaToshia Everson

Conference Assistant


(317) 924-1321

Lan Wilson

Associate Director of Diversity, Missions, and Justice



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