“to make disciples for the transformation of the world”

Jesus left the Church with the Great Commission to make disciples by bringing people into the Body through baptism, and teaching people to live as Jesus lived and taught (Matt 28:18).  The whole life of faith is tied to this commission.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit, disciples of Jesus practice lives of worship, hospitality, devotion, service, and generosity as they strive to become more like Jesus.   Transformation happens when disciples of Jesus partner with God where God is moving in their communities.  This web page is a hub for resources and training intended to support making and maturing disciples in local churches of the Indiana Conference.

Intentional Discipleship Workshop

The Intentional Discipleship Workshop draws from Dr. Phil Maynard’s book Shift 2.0: Helping Congregations Back into the Game of Effective Ministry.  The workshop, developed by Dr. Maynard, provides tools and strategies for creating intentional discipleship pathways based on years of research and experience in ministry.  The workshop is ideal for clergy and lay leadership looking for tools and training towards making discipleship the heart of their faith community.  Click here for an overview of the workshop contents.

Nearly 25 discipleship partners form all over the Conference have been trained to present the workshop and help participants begin the conversation about developing a discipleship pathway.  The workshop can be presented in a variety of settings from a district event to a local church leadership team.  The intentional discipleship workshop can also be presented in various formats from a one-day event to a series of six sessions.  For more information or to connect with a discipleship partner contact R.C. Muhlbaier at robert.muhlbaier@inumc.org.

North Central District (Register)

February 22, 2020

Registration Deadline: Feb. 12

East District (Register)

February 29, 2020

Registration Deadline: Feb. 24

Indiana Conference Council on Intentional Discipleship

The Council on Intentional Discipleship serves as an equivalent structure to the Conference Board of Discipleship (BOD ¶630) in the following capacities.

1. “To lead and assist the congregations and districts in the conference in their efforts to communicate and celebrate the redeeming and reconciling love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ…”

2. “To foster and promote a holistic approach to the development of Christian disciples.”

  • Evangelism
  • Christian Education
  • Spiritual Formation

3. “To develop a unified and comprehensive program for leadership training to serve all age groups in the home, church, and community.”

4. Support the prioritization and execution of intentional discipleship initiatives through the Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church (INUMC) by working with Leadership Development (LD) to guide effective intentional discipleship programming and training.

5. Maintain the connectional relationship between General Board of Discipleship and the conference.

If you have suggestions or would like to serve on the Council, please contact R.C. Muhlbaier (robert.muhlbaier@inumc.org) or Rev. Joseph Seger (joseph.seger@inumc.org)

Rev. Joseph Seger Chassity Neckers Rev. John Randall Kate Biggs Rev. Randy Anderson

Discipleship Coaching

Discipleship is done in relationship.  If your church is looking to implement a discipleship pathway or if you are looking to go deeper with your own spiritual growth it can be helpful to have someone to come alongside you on your journey.  There are trained coaches, vetted by the Indiana Conference, who are available to connect with you.

Check back here in January for a link to coach profiles.