Disciple Engagement

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About Disciple Engagement

All of us are called through our baptism to participate in Christ’s ongoing ministry in the world — not just the clergy. But often, we don’t feel adequate, and we don’t know what to do. Here you can find information, resources, and opportunities to help you connect with others, gain knowledge and skills, and grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Our Goals


Offer relationships, resources, and experiences that help people connect to Jesus Christ


Collectively learn from Tradition and discern where Spirit-led creativity is needed to better disciple God’s people


Make Christ-centered and Spirit-led transformation the aim of every discipleship endeavor

Areas of Focus


Children and Youth

Jesus called children to himself, even though his followers discouraged them. (Matt. 19:13-17). Our team supports the INUMC’s efforts to invite the younger generation to lead as new disciples. We promote ministries that create opportunities for children and youth to encounter the love of Jesus Christ through camping. We also promote initiatives like Children Matter Most that encourage disciples of Jesus Christ to model Him through blessing children.


Equipping for Ministry

Every baptized Christian is called to ministry. We provide opportunities for the laity of the INUMC to discern their calling and Spirit-given gifts for ministry through education and certification in the Lay Servant Academy and the Certified Lay Ministry Academy.


Church Health & Multiplication

The calling to be a follower of Jesus Christ is a calling into a community of God’s people. Our team supports the efforts of the INUMC to strengthen the health of existing congregations and Christ’s call to expand the community of people who have experienced God’s love through evangelism and church planting.


Diversity, Missions, and Justice

Scripture points us to the end goal of “a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages… (Rev. 7:9 NRSVue)” Our experience rarely reflects this vision, though. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we work alongside INUMC efforts to identify and change the ways that all people, who are made in the image of God, experience exclusion, oppression, and prejudice.


Growing Young

Is your church looking for an opportunity to create meaningful bridges between all generations? Does your congregation want to foster relationships with youth and young adults?


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