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Any Indiana United Methodist Church member or United Methodist Organization may submit a petition or resolution seeking action or statement of affirmation by the Indiana Annual Conference Session.  The Petitions and Resolutions Committee receives, reviews and processes all petitions and resolutions submitted to the Indiana Annual Conference in an even, timely, and fair manner, so that every voice will have a chance to be heard. Every petition and resolution appropriately submitted will come before each year’s Annual Session for deliberation with appropriate lead time and in due order.

At the 2020 meeting of the Annual Conference on 10-10-20 all Resolutions that were appropriately submitted and processed were withdrawn by the submitters.  As per parliamentary procedure these withdrawals by the original submitters were granted (citing their redundancy with existing Conf. Rules or recent Conf. actions) by the Bishop along with the Petitions & Resolution Team acting on behalf of the Conference.

INUMC SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  End of day Thursday March 12, 2021 (11:59pm ET)

(Note:  General Conference Petitions may be submitted directly to the General Conference Secretary in accordance with General Conference rules and deadlines even if you have missed the Indiana Conference deadline above)

Definitions of a Resolution and a Petition

Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church defines as follows:

A Resolution is any request for the Indiana Annual Conference to make a change, take an action, or recognize a formal expression of opinion on an issue.  Any Indiana United Methodist lay member, pastor, group or agency may submit for consideration a resolution to the Indiana Annual Conference.  Such resolutions must be submitted to the Indiana Annual Conference Secretary and the Petitions & Resolutions Team no later than ninety (90) days prior to the start of the Annual Conference session.

A Petition is any request for the General Conference to take an action ¶507.4, alter the wording of The Book of Discipline ¶507.2 or affirm a formal expression on an issue.   Any Indiana United Methodist lay member, pastor, or agency may submit a petition directly to the General Conference or may submit their General Conference petition to the Indiana Conference asking for Indiana Conference affirmation (of the petition).  If affirmed (by a simple majority vote), the Indiana Annual Conference Secretary shall forward the petition to the General Conference.  All petitions must be submitted no later than ninety (90) days prior to the start of the Annual Conference session.

REQUIREMENTS LIST for Petitions & Resolutions — Click Here

PETITIONS & RESOLUTIONS Fillable Submission Form– Click Here


  • It is important to save the form to your computer before filling in the blanks or your work will not be saved automatically.
  • Every question must be answered.
  • Once completed, submit via email to OR by U.S. Mail to: INUMC Petitions and Resolutions, 301 Pennsylvania Pkwy, Ste 300, Carmel, IN 46280.
  • NOTE:  Once submitted appropriately and received by the Petitions & Resolutions Team all petitions or resolutions become the property of the Annual Conference and may only be withdrawn by the original submitter requesting withdrawal.  Permission to withdraw the petition or resolution will/or will not be granted by the Bishop convening the annual conference session.