Connectional Ministries

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About Connectional Ministries

Each Conference is responsible to focus and guide the mission and ministry of The United Methodist Church within its boundaries. The Indiana Conference does this through our Connectional Ministries programming. For a more complete description of connectional ministry responsibilities, see The Book of Discipline ¶608.

Areas of Focus


Archives and History

Wondering about your beloved local church history or are you doing family genealogy? The Commission on Archives & History preserves the records and promotes the stories of existing and antecedent Conferences, denominations and local congregations of the United Methodist Church in Indiana.


Ministry Partners

The Indiana United Methodist Church is a gathering of connected people, congregations, and institutions across Indiana. Our Church is far more than any one congregation or even the Conference Center. Our Institutional Relationships Team is proud to be affiliated with many institutions that serve the need for health, wellness, education, and other specialized ministries to thousands annually.



Do you want to make a difference on behalf of God? Have you ever been a part of a team of incredible, dedicated and talented people? If so, you’ve seen the power of effective nominations to the right leadership positions; incredible ministries and life changing undertakings occur.

Petitions and Resolutions

Any Indiana United Methodist Church member or United Methodist Organization may submit a petition or resolution seeking action or statement of affirmation by the Indiana Annual Conference Session. The Petitions and Resolutions Committee receives, reviews and processes all petitions and resolutions submitted to the Indiana Annual Conference in an even, timely, and fair manner, so that every voice will have a chance to be heard.


Rules and Structure

Any gathering of people who seek to be in ministry together need common understanding about how they will operate. The rules by which they live and work together are meant to provide a level consistent “playing field” upon which everyone can flourish and succeed to the glory of God’s kingdom.


Moving with a Missional Purpose

This in-person workshop is for both clergy and laity with new appointments. Click here to learn more. May 4: Location, June 1: Location, September 7: Location, Parker City UMC, 305 S. Main Street, Parker City, IN 47368 September 21: Location, Valparaiso First UMC, 103 Franklin Street, Valparaiso, IN 46383 - This event will take place at 10:00 a.m. CENTRAL TIME, 11:00 a.m. EASTERN TIME.    Contact with questions.


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The Conference offices will be closed in celebration of Memorial Day on Monday, May 27. We will resume normal hours on Tuesday, May 28.