Community Engagement

Love and transform your community through intentional engagement.

John Wesley said there are two types of holiness: personal holiness (growing your personal relationship with God) and social holiness (showing love to others through caring for their physical needs). To be a complete Christian we must focus on both. So it’s imperative that a church both nurture people’s inner spiritual lives and also focus outward, engaging with its community.

This means that a church needs to know its community. It does that by listening and observing, discovering persons of influence who can open doors that lead the church to deeper relationships and collaboration with its community. It identifies and develops ministries that relationally engage persons in service with the community, rather than for or to the community. Finally, the church develops relationships that ultimately nurture spiritual lives.

Church Development has tools designed to help your church better engage in your community.

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Trained coaches are ready to help guide the church into a healthy culture.

Workshops and Resources

Workshops and resources are available to gain a greater understanding of healthy culture within the church.


As you listen to God’s leading, learn how to create a breakthrough prayer in the area of healthy culture.


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Example Missions Article

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Church Development is a team of lay and clergy persons experienced in church health and multiplication. They are ready to serve by listening to the dreams and concerns of the local congregation and providing helpful information and resourcing.