Church Health

Healthy Culture = Fruitful, Effective Ministry

No matter how strong a church’s leadership, worship, and outreach are, if its culture is unhealthy, it will not be able to effectively carry out its mission and vision.
What are signs of a healthy church culture?

  • People’s presence, opinions, and cultures are valued
  • There’s a respect of boundaries around confidential matters
  • It’s expected that people demonstrate Christlike behavior as they communicate—where they’ll listen and be transparent
  • Conflicts are handled openly, by talking face-to-face, resulting in reconciliation and restoration of the relationships
  • There’s respect and support for the responsibility and authority of leaders and their ministry areas

By having a healthy culture, churches are much more readily able to carry out their mission and vision and—ultimately—experience fruitfulness. Church Development has resources to assist your church in developing a healthier culture.

Get Connected


Trained coaches are ready to help guide the church into a healthy culture.

Workshops and Resources

Workshops and resources are available to gain a greater understanding of healthy culture within the church.


As you listen to God’s leading, learn how to create a breakthrough prayer in the area of healthy culture.


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Church Development is a team of lay and clergy persons experienced in church health and multiplication. They are ready to serve by listening to the dreams and concerns of the local congregation and providing helpful information and resourcing.