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Churches that are led by the Holy Spirit intentionally listen to God and rely on the Holy Spirit’s guidance through prayer. They ask the open-ended question: “God, where are you calling us?” They anticipate God breaking through and leading them. And they wait, listen, and celebrate God’s answers, obediently stepping out in faith and following God.


Church Health

Churches foster healthy culture when they communicate clearly and directly and avoid going around people. They create and live by behavioral covenants. They respect and value peoples’ presence, opinions, and culture, and they deal with conflict in an open, direct way.


Mission, Vision, and Values

Churches are clear about their mission—why they exist. They’re also clear about their vision—how God is calling them to live out their mission in their unique context. They understand their unique identity, values, and history. Their ministries are aligned with their mission and vision and are in harmony with their values.


Simplified Structure & Accountable Leadership

Churches empower leaders and teams and entrust them with authority and responsibility to carry out their work. They hold leaders accountable to operate within the healthy boundaries of the church’s mission, vision, budget, policies, and procedures. They also streamline and simplify their structure to fulfill their mission and vision in the best way possible.


Community Engagement

Churches engage missionally with their communities in an intentional way. Through listening and observation, they discern where their mission and vision intersect with the community’s needs and assets. Then, they develop a healthy relational ministry with those outside the congregation. This ultimately leads to opportunities for discipleship and transforming the community to become more like the Kingdom of God.


Disciple Making

Churches have a simple, replicable system to help people grow closer to Jesus Christ. They help individuals grow in character (Fruit of the Spirit) and discover and live out their calling (Gifts of the Spirit). The system also raises up leaders who invite and disciple others—who go on to invite and disciple more people. As the practice is repeated, disciple making becomes deeply embedded in a church’s culture.

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About Church Health & Multiplication

We help our churches carry out their mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. We understand that to do this, a church needs to have strength in the six areas of focus listed below.

The healthier a church is, the more likely it will multiply its leaders, small groups, and disciples who go on to make disciples and launch new faith communities. Our team is ready to help.

New Faith Communities

Churches reach out to those beyond their walls by creating new faith communities—Fresh Expressions of church and new worship services to connect with unreached population groups. They start new campuses, micro-churches, vital mergers, and new churches. Launching faith communities is a strategic approach to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, especially to the increasing percentage of the population that is not religious.


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Church Health & Multiplication

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