Simplified Structure & Accountable Leadership

Church structure should facilitate fulfillment of its mission and vision.

When Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro, visited him when he was leading the Israelites in the wilderness, Jethro noticed that Moses’ way of leading could be greatly improved and streamlined.

Did you know that The United Methodist’s Book of Discipline allows churches to structure themselves in a way that best facilitates the fulfillment of their mission and vision? It can also greatly streamline ministries, resulting in greater fruitfulness and stewardship of people’s precious time.

This simplified structure empowers leaders to do their ministries while staying within the boundaries set by their church’s mission and vision, policies and procedures, budget, and goals; and these leaders are held accountable when they go out of bounds.

If your church is interested in a simplified structure and accountable leadership model, the Church Development team is ready to assist you.

Simplified Structure

Simplified structure covers all the administrative functions in the church and provides an alignment of authority, accountability, and responsibility in accordance with the Book of Discipline for the UMC. But how does that really work?

Think of simplified structure like this: your Governing Board/Church Council also becomes your Staff Parish Committee, Trustees, and Finance Committee. (Leadership Development/Nominations can also be included.) The people on the Board/Church Council cover all administrative functions so that you don’t have lots of people on committees needing to go to lots of meetings to get anything done.

Churches considering moving to a simplified structure should contact their Superintendent.

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