Allowing the Holy Spirit to Lead Through Prayer

What would your church look like if it waited on the Holy Spirit’s leading before making any decisions? According to Acts 1, we are called to do just that, to wait for the Holy Spirit. The chapter goes on to point out that our power comes from the Holy Spirit.

What does that practically look like? Pastor and author Sue Nilson Kibbey, in her book Open Road: The Adventure of a Breakthrough Prayer Initiative, points to an additive that churches can add to their existing prayer life. Simply asking questions like, “God what is our next step?” “Where are you leading us?” “What is your will?” Then listening for the answer can reap huge benefits.

As a result, churches go where God is leading, the Holy Spirit is in control, and ministries are filled with power. Instead of working hard and getting tired with few results, churches gain energy and witness transformation through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Trained coaches are ready to help the church learn about transformative prayer as they seek to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Workshops and Resources

To gain a greater understanding of breakthrough prayer within the life of the church, workshops and resources are available.


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