New Faith Communities

Launching New Faith Communities

Jesus’ final words to his disciples before he ascended in Acts 1:8 was commanding them to be witnesses to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth.  Later in Acts we see this happen. How? Through churches raising up and sending leaders out to unreached persons, sharing with them the Good News of Jesus Christ.  

For too long, our churches have expected people to come to them, but a growing number are taking Jesus’ Acts 1:8 command to heart and are reaching outside their walls and engaging with those in their communities. They are reaching and discipling persons through starting new faith communities. These include Fresh Expressions of church—like dinner churches, Messy Churches, and affinity groups—new worship services, online faith communities, new campuses, home churches, micro-churches, Wild churches—that is churches meeting outdoors in nature—even new churches. 

So, Church Development is ready to help you, as you follow God’s command to go into Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth, bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to new people through new faith communities.

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Launch a Fresh Expression

Get help launching your Fresh Expression–Messy Church, dinner church, affinity group.

Launch a new worship service

Get help launching a new worship service

Launch a New Campus, Congregation, or Church

Get help launching your new campus, micro-church, re-launch, new church plant.


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Malinda F. Lutz

Malinda was the surviving spouse of retired elder Philip Lutz.


Church Development is a team of lay and clergy persons experienced in church health and multiplication. They are ready to serve by listening to the dreams and concerns of the local congregation and providing helpful information and resourcing.

New Worship Service Grant and Support Information

Micro matching grants are available to Indiana United Methodist Churches to help them launch a new online and/or in-person worship service to reach new people.

A. Criteria:

  • The church must be a United Methodist Church in Indiana
  • The new worship service has not yet started
  • The worship service is primarily targeting persons outside the church
  • The worship service will meet weekly year round

B. Amount of Grant: Up to $1,000

Plus, churches receive training and three free coaching sessions, a $600 value.

C. To apply: 

Contact Your worship planning team will be invited to view video training sessions followed by three free coaching sessions. There is a $40 cost per church for the video training. Following the three coaching sessions, the church will be eligible to apply for the grant.

D. Questions?

Contact the Church Development staff at