As we carry out our church’s mission, “to make disciples Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world,” multiplication will naturally result!

  • Multiplying the number of church leaders
  • Multiplying the number of disciples who make disciples who make disciples
  • Multiplying the number of small groups and outreach ministries
  • Multiplying the number of faith communities reaching people outside the church’s walls–Fresh Expressions, micro-churches, campuses and off-site congregations, and even new churches

Jesus makes it clear that his Great Commission leads to multiplication, expanding God’s Kingdom ever outward. Jesus’ final words to his disciples in Acts 1:8 announces that they will be his witnesses to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth. The church is not simply a “come-to” attractional church, but also a “go-to” sent church with its members incarnating the church as they are dispersed in their neighborhoods and their work, school, and play spaces.

Church Development provides support for churches seeking to multiply through these two powerful resources…

Fresh Expressions.

Does your church want to reach unchurched people? If so, Fresh Expressions will help. It is a model where a church incarnates itself in the community, reaching people who would unlikely ever attend the church’s worship services and ministries. It is based on Jesus’ sending of the 72 in Luke 10. A Fresh Expression of church can be started by as few as two people who have a heart for particular people–perhaps acquaintances (e.g. neighbors, fellow workers or students) or perhaps people who share a common interest (e.g. running or biking, knitting or quilting, dogs or cats, corn hole or card games). They listen, build relationships, disciple in appropriate natural ways, eventually becoming the church for those reached. Visit Fresh Expressions for training opportunities, examples, and resources.


Does your church want to achieve the above bullet points? Is God calling your church to intentionally reach some of the 4.5 million unchurched in Indiana? If so, there are a number of helpful resources available. They include the following: Discipleship Mulitpication Cohort and Flourish to Multiply.


Church Development offers grants for churches seeking to multiply. There are matching grants for churches starting new worship services and Fresh Expressions. There is also a grant for churches starting new campuses, off-site congregations, and churches. Go to grants for more information.