A Church’s Compass:
Mission, Vision, and Values

Where is your church going?

A clear understanding where a church is going is essential for forward movement. Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Without a clear vision, a sense of direction and purpose, many times a church just spins its wheels; there’s no forward movement.

Some churches may have a clear vision, but they don’t achieve it because it doesn’t fit who they are. It isn’t in harmony with their identity, history, and values. And, some churches may have clear visions that are in harmony with who they are, but they don’t take the next step of establishing some objectives, then aligning their ministries with its vision focused on those objectives. As a result, the churches eventually atrophy.

Church Development is ready to help your church create a clear mission and vision that is in sync with your identity and values, which can result in clear objectives and alignment of ministry.

Get Connected


Trained coaches are ready to help guide churches into identifying vision and values.

Workshops and Resources

Workshops can help a church gain a greater understanding of its vision and values.


As you listen to God’s leading, learn how to create a breakthrough prayer in the area of identity as it relates to vision and values.


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Church Development is a team of lay and clergy persons experienced in church health and multiplication. They are ready to serve by listening to the dreams and concerns of the local congregation and providing helpful information and resourcing.