Racial Equality Action Plan

Racial Equality Action Plan (REAP)

All churches seeking Church Development Urban Transitional Community Grants must submit, along with their grant applications, a Racial Equality Action Plan (REAP) for the congregation. A Racial Equality Action Plan outlines how a congregation will live out God’s and the Indiana Conference’s vision of an inclusive church.

What should such a plan include?

In forming a plan, a church should have its leaders consider how the church can practice inclusiveness and promote racial equality throughout all that it does. For example, a church should plan for its welcoming and inviting of newcomers, ministry to the community, its worship and discipling groups, purchasing, communication, selection of personnel, and ways to address institutional racism.

A church’s Racial Equality Action Plan should include the following:

  1. A description of the church’s vision for practicing inclusiveness and promoting racial equality
  2. A description of its present reality and where the gaps between its vision and reality are
  3. A plan, including measurable goals, that describes how the church will close this gap over the next five years

For more guidance and information about Racial Equality Action Plans, contact Tom Heaton, staff liaison to the Indiana Conference’s Commission on Religion and Race.

Please contact your Church Development staff liaison if you would like to see a sample plan, as your church develops one to include with the Urban Transitional Community Grant Application, or simply desires to be a more inclusive faith community.