Urban Transitional Community

This grant provides support for establishing new urban faith communities and for helping urban churches in transitional communities — especially communities experiencing economic and/or ethnic transition — to more effectively minister to those in their communities. These grants do not apply to churches in urban communities in need of budget relief, but strictly to those starting new faith communities to reach new people.

Urban Transitional Community Grants apply to Indiana United Methodist congregations that seek to:

  • Support the establishment of a new faith community in an urban transitional community
  • Extend the reach of an established faith community into an urban transitional community, AND/OR
  • Expand an urban ministry to reach a new population or location.

These projects must be supportive of the Indiana Conference’s Urban Transition Ministry PlanAny United Methodist church in Indiana that is ministering to an urban population of at least 50,000 people is eligible to apply.

The maximum amount for this grant is $25,000. The amount of the grant funded will reflect the scope of the initiative. Funding of the grant may come from the closed Urban Church Fund and/or other conference funding sources. The conference’s Church Development Committee recommends action on this grant, with final approval by the Indiana Conference Cabinet. The decision is based on the information provided in the application, as well as the overall development needs of the conference and district.

This grant is intended to supplement the applicant’s financial support for the project. Thus, in most cases, the applicant will be expected to offer significant matching support for the project with its own funds or funding from other sources. The grant money may be used for any aspect of the project’s expenses, including paying staff salaries and the project’s coach.

Each church can receive only one of these grants for each project. Payout of the grant may take place over more than one year, if approved by the Church Development Committee and the Indiana Conference Cabinet. Applicants for this grant will need to submit a Racial Equality Action Plan along with other documentation. If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Church Development staff person for your district.

To apply for this grant, churches need to complete the following application materials: