Grants Available

Church Development has been praying that God will raise up churches within the Indiana Conference that will help identify and equip workers to bring in the harvest and to carry out our church’s mission of making disciples to transform the world. Church Development recognizes that one of the most effective ways to make new disciples is through church multiplication –churches starting new faith communities that are outwardly focused and are founded on disciple-making. To that end, church development grants are available for churches that share this vision. The grants currently being offered by the Indiana Conference are linked in the side bar menu.

Please use the links in the right-hand sidebar to begin the application process or to gain information about:

  • Grant Readiness Criteria
  • Grant Approval Criteria
  • Grant Recipient Accountability

Church Development staff will monitor each project’s progress on an on-going basis. The Church Development Committee may delay or stop funding if the project is not progressing as agreed upon in the grant approval documentation.

In addition to the grants offered through the Indiana Conference, the links below provide information about grants available through other United Methodist and ecumenical organizations.

Please contact us with questions or for additional information.