Grants Available

Church Development is interested in partnering with churches that are multiplying.  One way is through offering these matching grants…

  • FRESH EXPRESSIONS GRANT.  Up to $1,000 matching grants to help churches launch Fresh Expressions
  • NEW WORSHIP SERVICE GRANT.  Up to $5,000 matching grants to help churches launch new worship services to reach unreached people

MULTIPLICATION GRANT.  Additionally, Church Development offers a Multiplication Grant for churches that have completed the Multiplication Network Track 1 or the “Developing a Stronger Multiplication Culture” guide, or already has three or more campuses/off-site congregations.  These grants are for projects that will result in a congregation of fifty or more in average attendance.  The grant will cover the cost of the project leader’s health insurance for up to three years or will offer a start-up grant of up to $25,000.

For more information and applications, visit the side-bar menu for links to these grants.

OTHER GRANTS.  In addition to the grants offered through the Indiana Conference, the links below provide information about grants available through other United Methodist and ecumenical organizations.

Please contact us with questions or for additional information.