Fresh Expressions

Why use the Fresh Expressions model? Listen to Rev. Brian Cook, pastor of Grace UM Church in Kokomo…

Fresh Expressions

Fresh Expressions is a model of outreach especially for churches that are seeking to be more missional. It is one of the most effective ways for a church to reach and disciple persons who have no interest in attending church. The model, developed by the Anglican and Methodist churches of England, is based on Jesus’ sending of the 72 in Luke 10. It is a model that can be initiated by as few as one or two persons and it doesn’t necessarily require a lot of money. Any-sized church can do a Fresh Expression and in any setting. All it requires is a bit of understanding and a heart for those outside the church that Jesus referred to as the lost.

Fresh Expressions Grant and Support Information

Micro matching grants are available to Indiana United Methodist Churches to help them launch a Fresh Expression (FX) of church.

A. Criteria:

  • The church must be a United Methodist Church in Indiana
  • The FX has not yet been started
  • The FX is focused primarily at reaching persons outside the church
  • The FX will meet at least monthly

B. Amount of Grant:

  • Dinner Church or Messy Church that meets weekly = Up to $1,000
  • Dinner Church or Messy Church that is less frequent = Up to $500
  • Other Fresh Expressions = Up to $250
    Plus, churches receive two training sessions and three free coaching sessions, a $500 value.

C. To apply:

Contact Your FX planning team will be invited to attend the training sessions ($40 cost per church team, includes lunch) and will be assigned a coach. The grants will be awarded after the training.

D. Questions?

Contact the Church Development staff at

What is Fresh Expressions?


Why consider the Fresh Expressions model? Rev. Brian Cook explains…

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