Church Revitalization

Church Revitalization

Our churches are called to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. This can be extremely challenging even for the most seasoned church leaders. But God doesn’t give us this mission without providing the help that we need.  

The Church Development team is able to provide such help through a variety of resources. These resources can assist a church in discovering and clarifying its vision, moving toward a healthier church culture, organizing itself using a simplified structure, engaging its community, intentionally making disciples, and most-importantly how it can be Holy Spirit led through the practice of breakthrough prayer.  

Church Development is ready to be part of your church’s team. Take advantage of the many resources that are available. May God bless you and your church as you move the mission forward! 

Get Connected


Join a Moving-the-Mission-Forward cohort to learn missional effectiveness in community.

Self-led guide

Use the Moving the Mission Forward Guide to discern God’s call for greater community engagement.

Coaching and consulting

Reach out to a Church Development team member for help in addressing your church’s particular needs.


TitleMinistry CategoryResource Typehf:tax:resource_types
Breakthrough Prayer InitiativeChurch DevelopmentSpecial Initiativesspecial-initiatives
By-Laws TemplateChurch DevelopmentSystems & Structures, Tools & Assessmentssystems-structures tools-assessments
Church Development BlogChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Church Multiplication Grant Application InformationChurch DevelopmentGrantsgrants
Church PlantingChurch Development
Community Engagement Guide — Moving the Mission ForwardChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Community Interview QuestionnaireChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Congregational Resource GuideChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Developing a Stronger Multiplication Culture GuideChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Discover your personality typeChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Five Fold SurveyChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Flourish to MultiplyChurch Development
Followers Made Discipling ToolChurch DevelopmentDiscipleship, Tools & Assessmentsdiscipleship tools-assessments
Free Assessment RegistrationChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Fresh Expressions GrantChurch DevelopmentGrantsgrants
Fresh Expressions Grant InformationChurch Development
Fully Alive – Free ResourcesChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Growing YoungChildren Students & Young Adults, Church Development, Clergy Resources
GUIDE TO PRAYER-WALKING AND OBSERVING THE COMMUNITYChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Hispanic Ministry EventsChurch DevelopmentSpanish Languagespanish-language
MissionInsiteChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Multiplication Grant – (new congregations)Church DevelopmentGrantsgrants
New Worship ServiceChurch Development
New Worship Service GrantsChurch DevelopmentGrantsgrants
Practice of Listening Prayer GuideChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Real Discipleship SurveyChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Rural Ministries GrantsChurch DevelopmentGrantsgrants
Simplified Structure & Accountable Leadership OverviewChurch DevelopmentSystems & Structures, Tools & Assessmentssystems-structures tools-assessments
Simplified Structure and Accountable LeadershipChurch Development
Spiritual Gifts InventoryChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
The Listening ChurchChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Tools for Assessing Your CommunityChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Welcoming a Woman PastorChurch Development, Clergy SupportWritingwriting
Windshield Community SurveyChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments


Church Development is a team of lay and clergy persons experienced in church health and multiplication. They are ready to serve by listening to the dreams and concerns of the local congregation and providing helpful information and resourcing.