About Church Development

The churches of the Indiana Conference are called to the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. The Church Development team is ready to help church leaders—both clergy and laity–more effectively fulfill this mission.

Our help is particularly focused in two areas: Church Revitalization and Church Multiplication.  To help your church move the mission forward, we provide coaching, consultants, training, peer-learning cohorts, written resources, and even grants depending upon the specific need. To begin accessing these, click on either the Church Revitalization or Multiplication “Learn More” buttons.  We hope you take advantage of these resources, and may God guide and bless you and your efforts as you move the mission forward!

Want to learn more? You can read more about our work on our blog.

Areas of Focus


Church Revitalization

Is your church wanting to fulfill its mission to make discipleship of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world? 

  • Feeling stuck or you don’t know what your next step is?
  • Wanting to better engage with your community?
  • Needing help with a specific aspect of ministry?


Is your church interested in starting…

  • A Fresh Expressions of church (e.g., dinner church, Messy Church, affinity groups)?
  • A new worship service?
  • A new campus, congregation, or even a new United Methodist church?
  • Some other missional outreach effort?


Fresh Expressions Training Workshop

Plymouth First UMC 400 N Michigan St, Plymouth, IN, United States

The next Fresh Expressions Training Workshop will take place May 4! Click here for full details and registration. For more information about the event contact Trish Johnson, trish.johnsen@inumc.org.  


TitleMinistry CategoryResource Typehf:tax:resource_types
Breakthrough Prayer InitiativeChurch DevelopmentSpecial Initiativesspecial-initiatives
By-Laws TemplateChurch DevelopmentSystems & Structures, Tools & Assessmentssystems-structures tools-assessments
Church Development BlogChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Church Multiplication Grant Application InformationChurch DevelopmentGrantsgrants
Church PlantingChurch Development
Community Engagement Guide — Moving the Mission ForwardChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Community Interview QuestionnaireChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Congregational Resource GuideChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Developing a Stronger Multiplication Culture GuideChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Discover your personality typeChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Five Fold SurveyChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Flourish to MultiplyChurch Development
Followers Made Discipling ToolChurch DevelopmentDiscipleship, Tools & Assessmentsdiscipleship tools-assessments
Free Assessment RegistrationChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Fresh Expressions GrantChurch DevelopmentGrantsgrants
Fresh Expressions Grant InformationChurch Development
Fully Alive – Free ResourcesChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Growing YoungChildren Students & Young Adults, Church Development, Clergy Resources
GUIDE TO PRAYER-WALKING AND OBSERVING THE COMMUNITYChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Hispanic Ministry EventsChurch DevelopmentSpanish Languagespanish-language
MissionInsiteChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Multiplication Grant – (new congregations)Church DevelopmentGrantsgrants
New Worship ServiceChurch Development
New Worship Service GrantsChurch DevelopmentGrantsgrants
Practice of Listening Prayer GuideChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Real Discipleship SurveyChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Rural Ministries GrantsChurch DevelopmentGrantsgrants
Simplified Structure & Accountable Leadership OverviewChurch DevelopmentSystems & Structures, Tools & Assessmentssystems-structures tools-assessments
Simplified Structure and Accountable LeadershipChurch Development
Spiritual Gifts InventoryChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
The Listening ChurchChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Tools for Assessing Your CommunityChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments
Windshield Community SurveyChurch DevelopmentTools & Assessmentstools-assessments


Getting Permission

Getting Permission

I was reading Mark 9 when I stopped at verse 40, in which Jesus says to his disciples: "for...

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