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Property & Legal Resources

While the United Methodist Book of Discipline allows a church quite a bit of latitude, there are specific requirements that need to be followed relating to property. This section will facilitate discernment, create awareness, and assist in education around church property. The office of administration strives to enable, empower, and support churches and individuals by identifying and providing property and legal information for present and future needs of churches within the Conference.

Navigating Church Governance and Structure

Did you know the United Methodist Book of Discipline allows a church quite a bit of latitude in how its leadership is structured? This flexibility allows a church to customize its structure in order to best carry out its vision and ministries.
Furthermore, the Discipline permits a streamlined “single-council” structure for churches, which can help expedite decision making and allow more church members to be in ministry rather than doing administrative work.
Churches interested in exploring such a structure are encouraged to contact the Church Development staff. Churches must contact their Conference Superintendents when considering any actual change to their structures.

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Church Incorporation

Incorporation can be a great benefit to churches, but there are a specific requirements.

Single Board Structure

Could a single board structure work for your congregation?

Church Property

Is your church considering a selling, leasing, transfering, or obtaining a mortgage?


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Clergy Moves

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