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Church Redevelopment

The beauty of God’s call on our lives is that we are never meant to remain in one place for more than a season. God is constantly moving, transforming, and shaping us for God’s mission in the world. As you and your congregation think about the ways in which God is calling you to become a vital congregation, processes such as ADAPT, for congregations with more than 70 in attendance, and IMPACT, for small congregations with under 70 in attendance, allow you the time, space, resources, and encouragement to strive forward as you move into a new season of mission and ministry within your church.


ADAPT creates a culture of transformation centered at the local church.
The ADAPT process is designed for congregations with more than 70 in attendance that assists clergy and laity in forming an environment of collaborative and continual learning, assessment, and adaptation.


IMPACT proves that small steps make a big difference! Geared for congregations with under 70 in attendance, IMPACT builds upon the traditions of the past to help you understand your present while preparing for a hopeful future.