Wellness Information

The Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church values the health of its clergy members and their families. With resources such as Wellness Incentives and the Blueprint for Wellness, our clergy and their spouses are encouraged to live healthy lives. For more information on the available programs, please view our menu selection on the right side of this page.



Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers two support programs for participants:

  • Work/Life Services
  • Emotional Counseling Services

These programs are offered through United Behavioral Health (UBH).  All services are absolutely confidential. Work/Life Services provides participants with information and referrals for a variety of personal needs at no out-of-pocket cost.

Work/Life Services

Work/Life Services provides answers and information on a wide variety of topics at no out-of-pocket cost. As a Participant, you are able to call and discuss your request with UBH.    UBH then does all the research and provides the information back in just a few days. This confidential service is available to HealthFlex participants any time, day or night.

Services include the following:

Convenience Services

  • Household services—Plumbers, housekeepers, carpenters, dry cleaners, auto repair shops, electricians
  • Entertainment—Theater tickets, golf, travel agents, concerts
  • Health and wellness—Fitness centers, all-night pharmacies, chronic care support services
  • Personal services—Apartment brokers, caterers, tailors, pet services, life learning support
  • Shopping—Clothing, antiques, sporting goods, specialty stores, shopping services for the elderly or disabled

Dependent Care

  • Child care—Day care options, after-school programs and special services
  • Elder care—Day programs, residential facilities and services for home-bound individuals


  • Financial services*—Investment planning, debt reduction, budget management
  • Legal and mediation services**—State-specific will, power of attorney, contractual disputes, estate settlement

Confidential, with Eight Free Visits – Services are completely confidential. Your first eight in-person visits are provided with no out-of-pocket cost
if you follow steps 1, 2 and 3 for authorization; additional visits have a low co-payment. Some services are
available free over the telephone or online.

You can find out more about the EAP at the UBH website by logging onto your HealthFlex WebMD and selecting at “EAP-LIVE AND WORK WELL” under vendor links or call 1-800-788-5614.  If the services are rendered as the result of an Emergency, you, or a family member, should contact UBH within 48 hours.




If you feel you are a threat to yourself or someone else,

Call 911 or Go to the nearest Emergency Room.