Meet your INUMC Elected Officials on Legislative Committees: Rev. Duane Carlisle

Rev. Carlisle was assigned to the Church and Society 3 Legislative Committee when the Indiana delegation made committee selections in 7월 2019, and has now also been elected to serve as Sub-Committee Chair. Rev. Carlisle was nominated by a delegate from the Virginia Conference.

“Serving on Church and Society 3 is a great fit for me. I care deeply about issues of justice and peace,” Rev. Carlisle added. “The Church and Society 3 committee focuses on the political community and the world community. I feel very strongly about doing what we can collectively to bring justice to the world, and I believe the Church has a role to play in leading society to act justly.” 

The Church and Society 3 legislative committee was tasked with considering petitions including topics such as the Israel-Palestine conflict, democracy in the Philippines, abolition of nuclear weapons, and peace on the Korean peninsula.

Rev. Duane Carlisle, senior pastor at West Lafayette First UMC, is honored and excited to be a delegate to General Conference for the first time. “There is so much that happens at General Conference; it can be a challenge to keep up with all the information,” he said. The added responsibility of working on the leadership team of a legislative committee adds to the intensity of the experience. “But there is a sense of accomplishment from working as a team to complete your part of the business of The United Methodist Church.”

Church and Society 3 was also given a piece of the newly-proposed Revised Social Principles to consider, which addresses the political and world community. As they decide whether or not to recommend this part of the Revised Social Principles, they will work through 27 included petitions and resolutions.

In reflecting on his time at General Conference, Rev. Carlisle noted, “I love meeting people from around the world, and I hope that if I am selected to serve as a General Conference delegate in the future, I can offer myself to the legislative process with more experience and a greater understanding of the procedures.”