Meet Your INUMC Elected Officials on Legislative Committees: Rev. Adriane Rockhill

Rev. Adriane Rockhill was elected as the Sub-Committee Chair on the Discipleship legislative committee at the Postponed 2020 General Conference this week. Rev. Rockhill was originally an alternate delegate but was called to serve when another delegate resigned from the position. Though this is her first time on the Indiana delegation, she is excited to serve in this capacity. 

“Discipleship is central to ministry in The United Methodist Church. It’s part of our mission statement, after all! Additionally, as a preacher’s kid, I have grown up learning about General Conference and following our legislative process. I feel incredibly privileged to be a cog in that system, regardless of the legislative team.”

There are approximately 30 people on her sub-committee, and 50 on the Discipleship legislative team. 

Rev. Rockhill’s sub-committee has 16 petitions assigned to them. To date, they made recommendations on nine of them. They will spend the remainder of their legislative committee time evaluating the other seven. The remaining petitions include “Strengthening the Black Church,” the “Native American Comprehensive Plan,” and petitions regarding certified lay ministries.  

“There are not many leadership opportunities that involve working with four different spoken languages (Russian, Swahili, Portuguese, and English) and multiple translators,” Rev. Rockhill said. “The language differences open up a number of challenges, which I enjoy learning to navigate. I love our United Methodist Connection! Being the Sub-Team Chair has allowed me to work with a number of wonderful people I never would know otherwise.”