INUMC Receives Grant From IU Health

The Episcopal Office, Children Matter Most, and Diversity, Missions, and Justice Ministries are excited to share that the Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church has received a grant from Indiana University Health in the amount of $150,000. This award is dedicated to advancing community benefit initiatives in line with our mission engagement with congregations and communities throughout Indiana to address social determinants of health. We extend our deepest gratitude to Indiana University Health for their generous support and commitment to improving the well-being of our communities.

Grant applications will be available 3월 4-4월 10. Funds will support grants of up to $10,000 awarded to local churches that collaborate with others in the community, extension ministries, and ministry partners that partner with local churches to address issues related to social determinants of health, such as but not limited to mental health, food insecurity support, school partnerships, addiction recovery, nonviolence, and safe and affordable housing. A portion of the funds will be used to host the United Methodist HIV/AIDS Planning team in Indianapolis in early 2024 and to support the current Children Matter Most Dream and Do Awards for children and youth. Priority will be given to applicants who involve youth and/or young adults in their initiatives. Grants will be awarded by Annual Conference in 6월.

We are confident that these funds will be utilized effectively to drive meaningful change in our communities, addressing critical issues related to overall health and well-being. Please contact Rev. Jen Huff with questions.