Director of Public Relations and Marketing (Position Lead)

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Website United Women in Faith

The Position Lead is responsible for building and leading an integrated marketing communications strategy/team and actions to drive value perception and increase UWFaith’s visibility. This position also leverages UWFAITH’s positioning in support of engagement and mobilization efforts. Thereby profoundly impacting the organization’s overall strategic success. The Position Lead is responsible for helping UWFAITH to express and market its value internally to staff and member leaders and externally, to potential members and partners and leads the marketing strategies that promote the brand, programs, products & services to the world.

Organization Priority
Position UWFaith as a leading women’s Christian organization within the wider faith community and in the world.
Goal 1:
Design implementation plan for PR/Marketing.
Goal 2:
Implement a consistent process for communicating the brand, value proposition and related experiences to existing members and partners.
Goal 3:
Market culture/brand/identity to increase visibility of UWFaith.
Goal 4:
Keep UWFaith cutting edge by engaging in ongoing critical analysis in advancing the direction of leadership of UWFaith relative to the internal and external metrics quarterly.
Goal 5:
Develop a systematic approach to gathering, analyzing and converting data into value additive intelligence and programs to support and advance internal and external metrics.

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To apply for this job please visit WWW.UWFAITH.ORG.