Finance Director

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North United Methodist Church

The Finance Director of North United Methodist Church is a full-time position that is responsible for administering the financial affairs of the church; providing strategic analysis to the lay leadership; creating and maintaining stewardship opportunities; and working in cooperation with staff to achieve the objectives of the church.

Areas of responsibility include:


·         planning and implement of appropriate budget and accounting systems, preparing the annual budget.

·         maintaining financial and personnel records, banking operations, and financial record systems.

·         assisting in the  planning and implementation of strategic planning for revenues and debts.

·         cultivating donors and advising donor stewardship.

·         ensuring compliance with church policies and procedures regarding financial practices.

·         working with an independent firm of Certified Public Accountants to conduct audits or reviews of the Church’s financial statements.

·         Preparing tax reports and ensuring compliance with tax laws.

·         Supervision and management of benefits for eligible employees.

Properties Management:

·         Provide fiscal direction to the Building Manager for the maintenance and capital improvements of the facilities.

·         Administering policies and procedures concerning the use of all properties and facilities.

·         assisting the Trustees in their work with architects, contractors, and others in evaluating.

·         Assisting in planning, building, and remodeling projects.

·         Reviewing and negotiating insurance policies


·         Providing and explaining budgetary and other financial information to staff and lay leaders.

·         Preparing and explaining financial information for committees and the Church as needed or requested.

·         Meeting with assigned committees.

·         Providing information and assistance to members and constituents about contributions, donations, and gifts.

·         Attending weekly staff meetings and assigned committees.

Requirements: CPA or an equivalent experiences in financial management; previous experience in financial management; leadership experience with a non-profit organization or church.

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