Galveston United Methodist Church

Galveston UMC Office Position Opportunity

The Staff Parish Committee is accepting applications for the position of treasurer.  Applications should be sent to church:  Galveston United Methodist Church, P. O. Box 639, Galveston IN 46932  Attn. Kim Kersten.

An applicant should have:

•           Knowledge of accounting and business finance

•           Knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet, accounting, and payroll systems

•           Ability to collaborate with team members

•           Ability to interpret a variety of laws and regulations

•           Strong verbal and written communication skills

The treasurer is the officer of the church responsible for the overall administration of the financial assets of the church, as directed by the Administrative Council and Finance Committee. It is important that the treasurer be spiritually mature, with a vision for the ministries of the church. In addition he/she should have good financial management and organizational skills.

Responsibilities include:

1.   Maintain/Supervise the church financial records, ensuring that Ad

Council policies are followed, and that overall financial assets are

appropriately managed/administered/stewarded.

2.   Ensure that necessary insurance is in place and reviewed/maintained

3.   Ensure that clear policies, internal controls and practices are in place

that govern the collection, handling, recording, receipting, use and

reporting of funds within the church.

4.   To keep clear, accurate and adequate records with supporting

documentation of all church receipts and expenditures

5.   Ensure the timely payment of accounts payable

6.   Remit funds to INUMC and Giving Streams

7.   To provide a current itemized financial report(s) of funds for

Administrative Council Meetings

8.   Advise the Administrative Council on the ongoing financial position

of the church against the annual budget

9.   Provide general financial information to INUMC as required

10. Attend the finance committee meetings

11. Provide information for the preparation of the Annual Budget

12. Monitor bi-monthly payroll and taxes prepared by Ministry Works

To apply for this job email your details to