Ruins of former City Methodist Church

The ruins of the former City Methodist Church – once the home of the city’s leading Methodist congregation, but later abandoned in 1975 – are located at Washington Street and 6th Avenue.  The Gothic limestone building was constructed in 1925-26 during the pastorate of the Rev. William Grant Seaman, a dynamic leader in civic and social causes.  The congregation hosted a vibrant program of religious, cultural, and social activities for decades.  From 1948 to 1959, part of this building housed Indiana University Extension (later Indiana University Northwest).  However, the many attempts to meet the mounting expenses of the church eventually ended in failure, and the property was abandoned.

In 2014, plans were being revived which called for the demolition of much of the structure but leaving significant features of it standing to form the backdrop of a "ruin garden" on the site.

GPS:  41 36 01.43, -87 20 18.41

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