Pfrimmer Chapel United Brethren Church

Dr. John George Pfrimmer, an immigrant physician from France, settled here in 1808 (after-serving in our American revolutionary forces) and entered a quarter-section of land upon which a part of Corydon now stands. He had been converted at a U.B. meeting in Pennsylvania in 1790, and started preaching soon afterward. He organized, Pfrimmer’s Chapel (four miles east of Corydon) the first U.B. congregation in Indiana 1808 , and within the next few years numerous other in Harrison, Dearborn, and Floyd counties. In 1820 at Pfrimmer’s Chapel, he organized what is believed to be the first U. B. Sunday school in Indiana, and the first Sunday School west of the Alleghenies.

GPS:  38 12.441, -086 03.039

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