Muncie High Street U.M. Church

High Street UM Church is located on the northwest corner of High and Adams streets. The congregation was founded in 1836, the city and county’s oldest. The current building, erected in the Gothic Revival style in 1929-30, was severely damaged by a natural gas explosion in 1978 but restored by the end of 1979.

A historical marker located on the southwest corner of High and Jackson streets provides a succinct summary of early Methodism in Muncie and Delaware County, which saw the 1836 appointment of Rev. Greenberry Beeks as pastor and construction of the first building in 1839.

GPS for this marker: +40 11 33.95, -85 23 16.17

Another plaque, provided by the North Indiana Conference Historical Society and kept in the church's archives, commemorates the gathering of eighteen-hundred women at High Street Church in October, 1940, to form the Woman's Society of Christian Service of the Conference.

In 1946, the plan of the Ministers' Reserve Pension Fund was adopted by the North Indiana Conference in special session at High Street Methodist Church (Frederick Norwod).

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