Methodist Hospital, Northlake

The Northlake campus of the Methodist Hospital of Gary began as an answer to an urgent need.

The rapid industrialization of the Calumet region of northwest Indiana brought population growth that threatened to swamp all kinds of services, including medical care.  In 1911, the Methodists cooperated in founding the Gary General Hospital and a training school for nurses.  It occupied a large frame house which soon proved inadequate.  

Efforts to expand the facility were thwarted until April 1919, when the Methodist Episcopal Hospital of Indiana, located in Indianapolis, accepted responsibility for the organization.   In August 1919, ground was broken for a new hospital, but the depression of 1920 delayed completion until 1923.

On May 27, 1923, Bishop Leete dedicated the M.E. Hospital and Deaconess Home of Gary and concurrently opened the school of nursing with 8 students enrolled.  The nurses' residence hall, begun in 1926, still stands and is now used for offices.  After awarding 772 diplomas, the nursing school finally closed in 1967.  A registered nurse, Hazel A. Witte recently turned two rooms of this hall into a museum which may be visited by appointment.

In 1942, the Gary M.E. Hospital (now known as Northlake) became independent and was named The Methodist Hospital of Gary, Inc.   That same year saw a major capital campaign underway.  More recently, a satellite Methodist Hospital called Southlake was established.

Hospital GPS:  41 35 57.13, -87 21 26.31

School of Nursing museum GPS:  41 36 02.63, -87 21 25.74

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