Glenburn Rest Haven Home

The history of the Glenburn Community Home is intertwined with that of the Linton United Methodist Church. 

One of the most powerful of the early Methodist ministers to ride throughout Sullivan county and Western Stockton township was Zelotes Clifford.  He was evidently a strong inspiration to the tiny Methodist congregation of Linton which had been organized in a school house near the town in 1830.

In 1840 Wicliff Wines donated ground for a church site near the west end of A Street, and in that year the first house of worship of the Linton Methodist Episcopal church was built.  Subsequently, the church building was moved several times.  Some members were excused for missing services because, they claimed, they could not find the church.

In 1924, during the pastorate of William Cissna, the church played a pivotal role in founding the Glenburn Mission.  A building was constructed of concrete blocks at a cost of $8500.  In 1930, the work came under the auspices of the Women's Home Missionary Society, with the Linton Methodist church continuing to contribute to its financial support.  Across many years, the mission did a great work in its community.  At one point, its worship services averaged 50 people, with 100 attending Sunday School.

By 1934, Miss Nola Yoder, a deaconess (pictured above), was directing the Glenburn Mission. Her vision led to the construction of a community building of the same type as the mission.  Only $25 was paid out for labor on this building and about $200 for material, thanks to donations from the Sherwood-Templeton Coal Company.  A school was also operated in a separate building.

Miss Yoder led the mission and home for many years. At a later date, the inevitable financial troubles arose, but heroic action by a team from the Franklin Methodist Community saved the home.  Today Glenburn is a thriving facility with modern buildings and equipment, offering various levels of skilled care.

GPS: 39 02 30.71, -87 10 21.36

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