Franklin United Methodist Community

The Franklin United Methodist Community is located at 1070 West Jefferson Street.  It was founded by the Indiana (M.) Conference.

In 1949 a corporation was formed to begin planning for a retirement home for the South Indiana Annual Conference.  The Conference's Women's Society of Christian Service initiated the funding with a $3000 donation.  In 1950 the people of Franklin and the town's Grace Methodist Church purchased a 40-acre tract of land and offered it to the Conference in return for locating the home there.  This was accepted, and the Conference voted an assessment of two dollars per member to create a building fund.

A professional fund raiser was employed to obtain $1,250,000 for the project.   In 1954 the architect's plans were accepted, and ground was broken for the central building on March 6, 1955.

This building, the Wesley Center, contained a lobby, several lounges, a tea room, a game room, handicraft and hobby rooms, offices, and 23 double guest rooms and 63 single rooms.  Rev. Dr. Sumner Martin became the first Superintendent as the new Center opened in 1956.  It was immediately obvious that plans were needed for the addition of a wing of apartments and occupational therapy and medical services.

Over the decades, Franklin Methodist Community has known prosperous times and lean.  Today it is a strong facility, and visitors are welcome.

GPS:  39 28 51.67, -86 04 24.99

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