Informes de fin de año

2023 AC STATS Reporting is now OPEN

Year-end reporting is now open for churches to enter their annual statistical reports.  The AC Stats system is the same as last year. The deadline for submitting your report is 11:59 pm on Jueves, Febrero 15 and the website will be closed to church users at that time.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Go to and enter the church 6-digit GCFA# and the initial password: Password2023$  If you, or someone else, have already logged in with the church ID, then this process will not work because the profile will have been changed. The email and password used to create the profile is the login now.

2. Print a hard copy to use to gather information. This option is available when you are in the Annual Report as an icon: 

3. To correct information in “Local Church Detail,” send any updates

You do not have to await corrections to submit your report.

4. The system saves your work as you enter information, and you can leave and come back into the report as much as you need to.

5. Line 1: Total professing members reported at close of last year cannot be changed. If it is incorrect, use line 2d or 3c to correct it.

6. If you get a “warning” please enter an explanation in the field

7. Submit the report when all Tables are complete.

8. If you find that you have made an error after submitting the report, let us know.

9. Conference Approval will happen at a later time.

Thank you for your ministry and for your assistance in getting all reporting required by Discipline done on time.

The Conference also has a deadline to submit all reports to GCFA, and we appreciate your conscientiousness.