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Become a Growing Young Bridge-Building Congregation!

Is your church looking for an opportunity to create meaningful bridges between all generations? Does your congregation want to foster relationships with youth and young adults?

We understand the challenges that churches face in engaging with younger generations, and to address this you are invited to consider a new Growing Young Opportunity made possible through a Thriving Congregations Lilly Grant the INUMC has received.  If you have already participated in an Growing Young Cohort, this will greatly enhance your continued journey – you are encouraged to apply.  If this will be your first experience with Growing Young – you are encouraged to apply and start learning.

This opportunity will be a yearlong experience in 2025 that will include 25 congregations. Congregations who participate will have a unique cohort experience valued at over $1,200 at no cost, pending the application and approval process. They will covenant to participate in 2 in-person summits, 4 online webinars, and scheduled coaching calls. They will be eager to experiment, listen, assess, and implement culture shifts within their context.

Interested in being a Bridge-Building Consultant? Click here to learn more.

What does it mean to become a Growing Young Bridge-Building Congregation?

1. Engagement in learning experiences with access to Fuller Youth Institute Experts.

2.  Personalized coaching to help you implement Growing Young within your church and community.

3. Peer learning and support with fellow INUMC churches that share similar goals.

4. Development of strategies – create an action plan that aligns with your congregation’s context and needs.

Growing Young for Everyone

We believe that Growing Young is for everyone. You may not be ready to become a Bridge-Building Congregation, but there are still steps you can take to Grow Young. Currently, you can: 


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Application - Become a Bridge-Building Congregation

To express your interest in becoming a Bridge-Building Congregation you must complete the application by Octubre 16, 2024.

Growing Young for Everyone

Not ready to be a Bridge-Building Congregation yet? That’s okay! There are still steps you can take to Grow Young. Sign up for the email list to learn more, or attend our next Growing Young for Everyone seminar!


Have questions about the process? Contact Emily Krach or Joel Troxell by clicking below.


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