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Atención al doliente con el reverendo Todd Wilson

Septiembre 19

"Cuidar a los afligidos" con el reverendo Todd Wilson (que trabaja como capellán de un hospicio en la zona de Rochester) ayudará a los participantes con planes para cuidar a los que están afrontando la pérdida de un ser querido.

Significant losses and the multiplication of grief have, unfortunately, become the norm in our society over the last few years.  As a pastor, care team member, or just someone that loves people serving your congregation and community, how do you meet the needs of hurting people that are growing all around you? How do you cope with your own losses as you play the role of wounded healer? Join Dr. Todd Wilson in an exploration of both biblical and psychological principles that flow out of his years of experience as a pastor and Hospice Chaplain dealing with death and grief on a daily basis. Dr. Wilson will be leading three seminars this Fall geared to sharpen your skills in dealing with grief in your own life and the lives of those you serve.

  • Bereavement Basics: the Grief Journey for each person is a unique one, and must be respected as such, but there are some universal principles that enable us navigate this journey for ourselves and help us support others as they walk this path.
  • Getting “Unstuck”: We all get stuck in life at various points and need extra help to get back on track. Due to the nature of the times and culture we are now living in, getting stuck in grief and the trauma associated with loss is becoming more common. In this session we consider principles that are significant as we strive to break free of the hold of despair after losses, and we examine how we can gently help others do the same.
  • Grief and loss create tremendous stress on relationships, both in families and congregations. Recognizing the differences between how men and women process and deal with grief is essential to compassionate and effective care and support of those going through significant losses. Assisting others to see these differences can spare them of additional pain and suffering caused by misunderstanding and conflict that often results from such differences. In this session we will identify key insights to assist in this process.
  • [if there is sufficient interest, Dr. Wilson may also lead a session on how to pastorally address grief and loss related to suicide]

We hope you can join us for these online sessions. Each will last approximately one hour, including time for personal interaction Q & A with Dr. Wilson.

Septiembre 12, 19, and 26- via Zoom. Email Eva to register – eva.goeb@inumc.org.


Septiembre 19
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