Annual Conference: Jueves, Junio 6, 2024

Cultivating Joy!

Apertura del culto

Resident bishop of the Indiana Conference Julius C. Trimble called to order the 2024 Indiana Annual Conference Session at St. Luke’s UMC in Indianapolis, Indiana. “Be encouraged as we work together and give God the glory!” he said. 

Members of the Annual Conference were Cultivating Joy—the Annual Conference theme—as the Conference Choir opened the Annual Conference session with “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee!” 

During Bishop Trimble’s episcopal address, “A Few Minutes to Say Thank You,” he emphasized God’s steadfast love. “God loves you! And that’s not up for vote!” He reported and thanked the Indiana Conference for raising an excess of over $379,000 for Africa University. “To God be the glory!” he said.

Bishop Trimble and Rev. Marcy Patrick presided over Holy Communion.

Sesión plenaria nº 1


Barb Holcomb, Secretaria de la Conferencia, presenta las siguientes mociones.

Motion: That the voting bar, or legal limits, of the Conference be designated as the registered members present and who have been issued their voting credentials.  

Se aprueba la moción. 

Motion: That all votes and decisions made during this Annual Conference shall be legal and binding and that the schedule, reports, and documents that have been appropriately posted and available to all members of the Conference, be received as the official documents that are ready for action.  

Se aprueba la moción. 

Motion: That the Members of the Annual Conference give permission for First Lady Racelder Grandberry-Trimble, David Robinson and Lan Davis Wilson to sit within the bar of the Conference for all sessions and have voice but no vote. 

Se aprueba la moción. 

Normas y estructura 

El Rev. Paul Wagner presenta la siguiente moción.

Motion: That the Rules and Structure Document be accepted as presented and then added to the record of this Conference Session. 

Se aprueba la moción. 

Comisión de Nombramientos

Rev. Duane Carlisle, representing the Committee on Nominations, shared how the Nominations Committee finds joy in their service. 

Calendario de Consentimiento

Rev. Paul Wagner then presented the Consent Calendar.

Motion: That the Board, Agency and Committee Reports listed on the Conference Website under the heading “Consent Calendar” be accepted and added to the record of this Conference Session. 

Se aprueba la moción. 

Council of Finance and Administration(CFA)

Rodney Frieden, chair of CFA, reported that the Conference’s income in 2023 was $11,256,643 and expenses were $10,766,812. The proposed budget for 2025 is $7,181,408. Frieden summarized, “What I hope you hear is good news. CFA and Conference staff have been planning for this day. We are positioned and ready to invest in the future of The United Methodist Church.” 

Laity Address

Shannon Priddy, Conference Lay Leader, delivered the laity address. She stressed, “I am the Church. You are the Church. We are the Church together.” She challenged laity that “If there is something you want to see happen at your church, you are empowered to do it.” 

General Conference 

Delegation chair Rev. Russ Abel reported on the Postponed 2020 General Conference. He touched on the revised principles, regionalization, the removal of harmful language, the General Church budget, and how deacons now have sacramental privileges. “The General Conference has now cleared the way for a Jesus-centered, mission-based, world-transforming force for the Gospel to ALL people. It placed us in a position to move into a post-conflict future. The UMC is alive and well and moving into the future of God,” he said.

Retirement Celebration

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett, a long-time United Methodist, described Bishop Trimble as “an important person in this city and beyond.” He proclaimed Junio 6, 2024, as Bishop Julius C. Trimble day in the city of Indianapolis. 

Cecilia Whitfield, Founder and Executive Director of the “Use What You’ve Got” ministry offered a tribute to First Lady Racelder Grandberry-Trimble. “Thank you for representing Jesus on this earth,” she said. 

Words of gratitude were shared via video from leaders at Africa University. To date, the Conference has helped raise $379,000 for the Trimble Africa University Scholarship fund. 

Representing the Cabinet, Rev. Larry Whitehead offered a tribute to Bishop Trimble using the bishop’s own words, since “We’ve been paying attention!” He recalled phrases like, “This is a unique and unrepeatable moment,” “Just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it,” and (of course) “Be encouraged!” 

Pastor Henry F. Curtis IV, senior pastor at the St. John African Methodist Episcopal Church in Cleveland, Ohio, surprised the Trimbles with his presence and tribute. Curtis answered his own call to ministry with Bishop Trimble’s encouragement. “You call him bishop—and rightfully so—but he is my pastor,” he said. 

Representing the clergy, Rev. Dr. Marian Miller, said “Bishop Trimble has made an imprint on our hearts forever with two words: Be encouraged! You have made a tremendous impact, especially on our clergy.”

The Trimble’s granddaughter, Corrine, offered an adorable tribute via video.

The Board of Laity, Emerging Leaders, and the Committee on Episcopacy presented gifts and words of thanks to the Trimbles. 

Rev. Dr. Marti Lundy, Conference Superintendent in the North District, presented Bishop Trimble the Sagamore of the Wabash, the highest honor Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb can bestow on citizens. 

First Lady Racelder choked up as she addressed the Conference, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for pouring into us and allowing us to pour into you. Thank you for being the Church. Thank you for showing up in prayer, in love, and in encouragement during our times of need.”

Bishop Trimble challenged the laity to “Love your pastor. It will pay dividends.” He concluded the evening with “I love you, and there’s nothing you can do about it!”