Annual Conference: Yes, There’s an App for That!

Annual Conference: there’s an app for that! This year, we are utilizing an app called Yapp to host our own materials, schedule, and to provide a mobile-friendly experience for Annual Conference. 

Here are some key features that will help you navigate Annual Conference:

  • Customize Your Schedule: No need to carry all that paper around! View the Annual Conference schedule and save sessions to create your own custom schedule. 
  • Social Feed: Connect and engage with fellow attendees in the app’s social feed.
  • Upload Photos: Snap and share the best moments throughout AC.
  • Announcements: Arguably the most important feature, the best way to stay informed on Annual Conference announcements and schedule changes is through Yapp’s push notifications. 
  • Livestream and Watch Later: Access the live stream link or catch up on missed sessions at your convenience.

Click here to download Yapp now. Our Yapp ID is AC2024.