Meet Your INUMC Elected Officials on Legislative Committees: Rev. Dr. Aleze M. Fulbright

Rev. Dr. Aleze M. Fulbright was recently elected as the Vice Chair in Higher Education and Superintendency at the Postponed 2020 General Conference. Rev. Fulbright currently serves as a Conference Superintendent for the Central and West districts and dean of the Cabinet. 

Rev. Fulbright’s journey and passion for United Methodist intuitions began with her involvement in Campus Ministry. Additionally, she serves as a Trustee at the University of Indianapolis, a United Methodist affiliated university. Another aspect of her engagement involves handling items related to bishops and superintendents, igniting her passion for the continually-evolving disciplines of Higher Education and Superintendency.

Because it is her first time serving as a delegate to General Conference, Rev. Fulbright “had no intentions of taking on a leadership position,” she said. “However, through our pre-work leading up to the General Conference, there were people asking me if I would considering offering myself for leadership; so I did.”

There are currently 76 delegates serving on the Higher Education and Superintendency legislative committee roster, 55 of which have participated in voting this week. Initially, there were 99 petitions that needed to be addressed. However, 18 of these petitions were either referred to another committee or deemed ineligible. 

Expressing anticipation for her new role, Rev. Fulbright shared, “I am looking forward to being a good assistant to the Chair, and constantly reminding myself that I am not in charge; I get to operate from the second chair this time.”



The Conference offices will be closed in celebration of Juneteenth on Miércoles, Junio 19. We will resume normal hours on Jueves, Junio 20.