From the Superintendent: Marzo 2024

On Marzo 10, 2024, the annual ritual of observing Daylight Savings Time will come again. It is during this time our minds and bodies must get readjusted to “losing an hour” of our day, while also appreciating the extended hours of daylight. I must admit, as I season with life, to “Spring Forward” always brings about a few days of struggle and a need for a mid-day nap. It is during the first few days, I ask repeatedly what time it is (because my clocks in my home and car do not change automatically), and my body has difficulty catching up with the new life rhythms. However, after a week of the new time and schedule, I adapt accordingly.

Additionally, there is the benefit to “Spring Forward” because we have this anticipation that Spring is near, and Spring brings about creation’s beautiful unveiling of itself after Winter’s purposed work. We begin to see the budding of trees, and the array of colors from flowers, with the tint of green in the grass. The Season of Spring just brings about hope and joy (even despite the fretful weather). And in aligned with Spring’s beginning this year, we will celebrate Resurrection Domingo to close out this month of Marzo!
I began reflecting on the phrase “Spring Forward” as it relates to our life in ministry and the lifecycles of many of our congregations. For some they are stuck in rehearsing the reels of former times, and not fully embracing the realities of right now. In these conversations, there is the constancy of wanting to go back to the “good old days.” It is painful to hear how the church was a prominent fixture in the community, and now it is the faithful few that keep the doors open. I do not deny those years of old had significance, but I wonder if we are so caught in the past that we are failing to “Spring Forward” into what God could be doing in our midst.

When thinking about “Spring Forward” it comes with the understanding there was a season that has now passed, and it is time to welcome something new. I think about the part in Isaiah 43:19 which reads, “Here I am, doing a new thing; Now it is springing up—do you not know about it” To open our minds and hearts in asking the question, “What is the new thing God is doing?” And if we are unable to answer the question, it begs the further questions of “Are you paying attention to the possibilities?” Or “Are you unwilling to change?” Because I believe “Spring Forward” requires attention, action, and intentionality. To Spring Forward is to move beyond the familiar into what may be uncomfortable, knowing the inconvenience is for God’s Glory. To Spring Forward is to leave the former season, and set our focus on what is to come, even when there are many unknowns. To Spring Forward, is a shift of mind that looks at what is ahead, and not look back. To Spring Forward, is to know there is grief in letting go of the familiar, but there is also freedom in trusting God in our faithful steps onward.

I invite us to Spring Forward, in discussion, discovering, and decision-making about the new thing God is doing, and how we get to “re-present” God’s Love in it. I invite us to Spring Forward by getting excited for how we get to be part of God’s work in the world in making Jesus known by our witness and service. I invite us to Spring Forward in how we spend our energies for cause of Jesus Christ that contributes to expanding God’s Kin-dom.

Friends, it is time to SPRING FORWARD!

Rev. Dr. Aleze M. Fulbright
Conference Superintendent, Springing Forward and Serving Faithfully…