The South District is looking for individuals to serve as Equalization Members to Annual Conference this year. As an Equalization Member, you will be responsible for registering yourself for Annual Conference and for paying your registration, travel, and housing costs. There is per diem available to reimburse some of the costs you incur as a participant in the equalization team. The form for requesting that reimbursement will be available at the information desk at Annual Conference.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Active in The United Methodist Church since 2015
  • Been a member of an Indiana UMC since 2017
  • Able to attend the 2019 Annual Conference, June 12-15, 2019 in Indianapolis
If you would like to serve on this vital team, please email Rachael Hanger with your full name, phone number, mailing address, and the name of the church of which you are a member.