Clergy Care

Contact information and resources for clergy, including coaching, therapeutic counseling, employee assistance, and more.

Becoming a Pastor

Learn more about candidacy for ministry and take the next steps in the process.

Clergy Administration

Access resources regarding clergy administration, finances, taxes, benefits, reporting, and more. See the link below for a variety of resources.

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Candidacy For Ministry Processclergy
Course of Studyclergy
Giving, , anyone churches clergy
Course of Study (COS), anyone clergytraining-growth
Discipleship Ministries, , anyone churches clergytraining-growth
Social Media, Technology, and the Internet, clergychildren policies-procedures
Indiana Annual Conference Child Protection Policies, clergychildren policies-procedures
Mission and Justice Grants, anyone clergygrants
Disaffiliation Informationclergydisaffiliation
Charge Conference Forms, , churches clergycharge-conference forms
Tithe Calculations, churches clergytithing
Ezra Login, churches clergyreporting
Tithe Calculation for Disaffiliation, , churches clergydisaffiliation tithing
Request a Visit from Bishop, churches clergyforms
Clergy Locatorclergytools-guides
Abuse Awareness Glossary, , anyone clergypolicies-procedures tools-guides
Community Interview Questionnaire, churches clergysurveys-questionnaires
Clergy Careclergytraining-growth
Clergy Administrationclergy
Missional Appointmentsclergyappointments
How the Appointment Process Works, clergyappointments policies-procedures
Appointment List, anyone clergyappointments
Appointments as Announcedclergyappointments
Group Ruling Request, clergyapplications forms
Record Retention Schedule, clergyannual-conference policies-procedures
Accountable Reimbursement Long Form, clergyfinancial forms
Accountable Reimbursement Short Form, clergyfinancial forms
Accountable Reimbursement Q & A, clergyfinancial policies-procedures
Verizon Wireless Discount for Clergyclergy
Housing Allowance Q & Aclergy
Minister Expense Forms (Mileage)clergyforms
Minister Expense Forms, , churches clergyfinancial forms
Safeguarding the Financial Assets of the Church, , churches clergyfinancial policies-procedures
Audit Guide FAQ, churches clergyaudits
Audit Guide, churches clergyaudits
Audit Form, , churches clergyaudits forms
District Committee on Ministryclergy
Coaching, anyone clergytraining-growth
Board of Ordained Ministry, anyone clergyleadership-development
Moving Proceduresclergyrelocation-moving
Recommended Moversclergyrelocation-moving
Mover Listclergyrelocation-moving
Moving Proceduresclergyrelocation-moving
Moving Memoclergyrelocation-moving
Multiplication Grant, , churches clergychurch-development grants
Church Development Grants, , churches clergychurch-development grants
MBTI Personality Inventory, , , anyone churches clergytools-guides training-growth
Congregational Resource Guide, churches clergytools-guides
Developing a Stronger Multiplication Culture Guide, churches clergytools-guides
Windshield Community Survey, churches clergysurveys-questionnaires
Messy Church US, churches clergy
Simplified Structure, churches clergypolicies-procedures
Dinner Church, churches clergy
Prayer Walking Guide, , anyone churches clergytools-guides
Monthly progress reporting (password-protected), churches clergyreporting
Coaching Resource (Password-Protected), churches clergytraining-growth
Tools for Assessing Your Community, churches clergytools-guides
MissionInsite, churches clergytools-guides
Fresh Expressions, , anyone churches clergy
Church Development Blog, , anyone churches clergychurch-development
Church Development Overview, churches clergychurch-development
Local Church Property Sale, Transfer, Lease, Mortgage Checklist, churches clergyproperty
Discontinuation or Abandonment of Local Church Property Checklist, churches clergyproperty
Local Church Personnel Manual, , churches clergypolicies-procedures tools-guides
Internet and Computer Use Policy, churches clergypolicies-procedures
Local Church Abuse Protection Policies, churches clergypolicies-procedures
Protecting our Childrenclergychildren
Clergy Education, , clergygrants leadership-development training-growth
Quadrennial Background Checks, , churches clergychildren policies-procedures
Healthy Boundaries Training, clergypolicies-procedures training-growth
Clergy Continuing Formation Grant Application, clergyapplications training-growth
Application for Continuing Ed, Formational, and Spiritual Growth Leave, clergyapplications training-growth
Clergy Continuing Ed and Spiritual Formation, clergyleadership-development training-growth
Clergy Assessmentclergyassessments
Clergy Behavioral Health Guidelinesclergypolicies-procedures
Clergy Covenantclergypolicies-procedures
Application for Appointment to Extension Ministry, , clergyapplications appointments extension-ministries
Retirement Informationclergy
Minimum Compensation Chart, churches clergy
Unfunded Pension Obligation, churches clergy
Pension Information and Forms, churches clergyforms
Health Benefits Forms, churches clergyforms
Local Church Financial Resources, churches clergyfinancial
Tax Withholding Info, churches clergyfinancial
Clergy W2 Prep and Tax Info, churches clergyfinancial

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